Our Source of animals

We have 146 animals in total. We mainly save our animals from the street. This means some of our dogs and cats have had diseases or suffered from accidents or abuse . Some animals are brought to us, while others have been born in the shelter.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a safe shelter for homeless cats and dogs, offering them food, water, and safety.

Our biggest need at the moment is a permanent home. We have had to move three times, and each time we have to rebuild the shelters for all the animals. Donations to help us build a permanent structure, where all our animals can live comfortably, are essential.


Our facilities are very rudimentary, as we have just moved to a new location. We construct the housing for our animals out of recycled materials we find.


We have 2 volunteers with 15 years of working experience in the field of animal conservation. We clean kennels, get water, cook food for and take care of ill animals daily. Our staff members are: 高秀丽 (GaoLi) and 高霞 (Gao Xia).

Contact Information